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ONLINE TAROT LESSONS with our consultants.


Enriched by our experience on the Web, inspired and encouraged by your requests, we are happy to offer you the teachings of the Tarot. We have carefully selected consultants for their ability to pass on their knowledge. Each of them, with their different and personal approach, has the same objective: offer you constructed and constructive lessons, educational and progressive content. Under these conditions, you can optimize your training.


Why online Tarot lessons?

Learning the cards symbolism and how to use them on a daily basis, without the worry of being late because of traffic or transportation is already a relief and well-being in itself!

Having the luxury to choose the lessons schedule and to progress at your own pace gives you the advantage of having the “mind space” to learn better, to focus on quality over quantity. Taking a group or individual class is giving yourself options!
For all these reasons,


the interactive tool that the Web offers seems to us to be the best way to answer to your needs and desires.

The objectives of our classes are centered on various learning axis:

Make you discover the cards symbolism (figures, colors, numbers, energies)

Teach you how to use the cards on a daily basis: for draws, meditations, decisions, points of view.

Show you the different approaches of the Tarot : fun, spiritual, guidance, help.

Help you develop your intuitive intelligence: clairvoyance, free will.

Help you learn yourself and your loved ones better, to figure out in the past or the present, the source of a problem.


Course content:

Each «consultant-teacher» offers content and experience which are his/her own. The 5 main axis described above are all covered by each of them.  


How do the lessons take place?

Lesson duration is: 1h 30mns. You build your new vision step by step.

Groups never have more than 8 participants to foster maximum interaction in the best conditions. We are not a factory… Everyone can express themselves and the consultant-teacher can answer participants’ questions clearly and in-depth.

Equipped with a webcam, our teacher-consultants have the ability to guide you along during all lessons. Sound and image give you the feeling you are right next to them. All participants share the screen; their points of view and questions, as they arrive in real time, enrich the class. All comments and lessons are recorded and archived; They are of precious help for the continuation and the memorization of your training.

Working in a small group instills creativity, reflection, knowledge sharing, positive criticism, compassion and most of all creates a work dynamic fuelled by the multiple constructive energies. Respect, open-mindedness and the faculty to listen are values that are inherent to our teachings.


Schedule of classes:

Following your pre-registration by email, we will ask you your availability (days, times). The teacher-consultants then set up groups. An email reply will propose you a schedule. You validate by making a final registration. It is possible to integrate a course that has already started, depending on availability. Private lessons are also available and can be set-up with each teacher-consultant.



All you need is a good computer with an internet connection, a browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox and Flash-Player (already installed on 90% of computers). An update may be necessary from time to time in order to improve quality. Of course, a deck of Tarot cards is advised (each teacher will tell you the one they use).




For information on terms and rates, write to:

For pre-registration, write to :



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