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Horóscopo 2014
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The Fool
My fellow Tarot friend,

You don’t know me yet, it’s not a problem. You read me, you listen to me. My voice is familiar to you… it’s the Tarot speaking. It’s a voice everyone knows because I am the voice of the soul. Yes indeed, did you think that anything else was hidden behind the Tarot cards ? 

Here, I took the shape of cards, of images, of colors and of numbers. You see how I touch everything! I am all, I am everything! There are no problems for me, but only adventures. Adventures through initiation, experiences and Love.  

Today, I am on your path and if you want to know the clues to a freer evolution, if you wish to decipher life’s messages, if you want to discover the meaning of your path, then you are right where you should be!  

I am nothing more than a little voice that helps you; I have travelled through the centuries, the trials… I am only a deck of card and who would have anything against a deck of cards? So my first message to you is: play. Play like a child who goes from one role to the next without effort, question, resistance and most of all without judgment.

Here, right where you are, you will find teachers who will be able to offer you the learning and education needed if you want to go further. And every week, I will be back to write for you the fascinating history of Tarot. What I know… But you see, knowing is useless if one doesn’t practice through experiences. Which is exactly why the Tarot deck starts with the Fool… The Fool who has no numbers, infinity! The Fool who has no limits because he dares any adventure. He dares exploring the unknown… So here it is, my path is to bring you the unknown…. From one voice to the other, it’s the Tarot’s magic (or the soul) at work.  

So now I believe you have enough food for thoughts to meditate and work for a week… Besides, I have not given you your little practice exercise! Let’s get back to the word “card” (originally “blade”). I ask you to look for all its meanings. Then write down all the words that come to your mind when you think about our Tarot deck. 

So it’s up to you to act now!

Oh yes, and another thing… You are welcome for Tarot lessons. If you want to, it’s very simple: send an email to us to let us know you are applying for pre-registration. The teachers form groups of 8 people… 8 is, in a way, infinity standing–up!  and now tell me, who represents infinity stranding, who has the potential to enlighten and who makes his way? The Fool? Yes the Fool is in you, do you realize that? With him, you start your path like a pilgrim, you go on the discovery of yourself and I already guess what you may be thinking…

And if you have any more questions about our web education, feel free to send us an email for pre-registration or information requests to: 

We will talk very soon!

The little voice of Tarot

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