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Horóscopo 2014
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(2) Hello my dear Tarot Friend,

What a pleasure to be talking to again through this letter which is actually hiding a surprise… Pay attention…

Today I am introducing you to my great friend, the Papess. If one day you feel like you cannot find concentration or inspiration, if your mind is troubled by too many worries, you can count on her. And on this Tarot path which is strewn with challenges to enable you to grow, to transform yourself and to learn to live your new life, you will need the influence of the Papess!  

  • « What is this new life? »


Really! You are starting to ask yourself questions… it’s a good sign!!!

So stay right where you are and let me tell you a little about her, about my “friend”. I would like for you to come to appreciate her.

I like her peace and attention. Yes, the Papess listens and guides, has the gift of communication and knows how to take all the time needed to explain things and situations. This gifts and abilities are precious and positive especially in this new world where everything is so fast!

Don’t be fooled by her appearance, look beyond the obvious, raise the veils that hide the heart, the diamond, the light… That’s the first message for you today! The card speaks for itself! Look how the hangings open up behind her to reveal her face, a symbol of purity. So this message, try to put it to work for yourself… in order to get to know yourself beyond the image that others, your family, your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues and society in general reflects back to you. Do you have to wear a mask or hide behind « veils » to exist? Take off the veils… for yourself, the whole path of Tarot leads you to it in order to make you discover your authentic self, your own divine being, which is what makes you unique. But it is not easy peeling that onion, it makes you cry sometimes…  I apologize for using this analogy while speaking about you, but it is striking… And the Papess likes to play with words. Writings, the spoken word, everything makes sense to her, she even decodes DNA. The Papess is a real fountain of knowledge and knows everything, like a memory. She knows when you hide a secret, when you don’t dare speaking up, and when something has touched you and hurt you.  

She comes from times when women had an equal role with men in the spheres of spiritual power. I am amazed with this visionary Tarot … because the time will come when women will be able to be priest or pope. Patience is a virtue… That’s the second message from my friend the Papess who speaks softly! Listen to her murmur:

« Take the time to consider how to put in place your vision, your dream, to study how to dust off and rejuvenate your old habits, your beliefs which keep you from forging ahead in your new life »

The Papess is a great lady, I assure you! So there is not a minute to waste, start studying your big projects. Outline the main ideas, your needs and wants. That’s how you get started.

Don’t you think the Papess looks like an open book, with all her veils and fabrics to raise, to turn like pages? She has unified everything inside of her, all her dualities, all her contradictions, all her quests, everything is bound to each other, like a book is bound to a higher purpose; this is why she is said to be a healer. She knows how to interpret and use the sacred text to heal. Some talk about occult sciences… but I would advise to leave the dark minds where they belong. Through the Tarot, I bring and only speak of clarity and light.  

Some also say she forgot about her body, that she only loves with her head, with words, the words of seriousness, austerity and rigor. This is a point of view… a view from the outside… Nothing exciting, just coldness! Yet this woman has taught me that mementos are not the memory. A painful recollection is in your memory, but it is not the memory… Can you see the difference? If you could not remember anything painful, what would you still have in your memory? Only happiness!

On this card is the proof that there is nothing cold and sterile in my secret friend’s life; the proof that the Papess brings only joy… The question is where is the proof when you look at the card?

Observe… seek… study… embody and become the Papess, and write your answer to me at this address:


The first correct answer will be rewarded with 15 minutes of credit offered on our site Avenirwebcam.

And if you need, teachers are available to help you.

To register for lessons and ask any questions about the terms, write us as this address:

Talk to you soon my friend


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