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Horóscopo 2014
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(3) Hello again dear Tarot friend,

Many of you found the right answer. Congratulations to Mathilde who was the first to send the correct answer and who won a credit of 15 free minutes on Avenirwebcam. And since you all were very enthusiastic about playing, I will offer you at times new secret questions.


Today we take some distance from our path in order to elevate ourselves to higher moral grounds. We are not talking about disdain or vanity which could actually be interpreted from today’s card: The Empress. No we are talking about the height taken by the guide I chose to accompany you: the eagle.

Indeed the eagle alone explains to us the characteristics of the Empress. And don’t forget that to understand the card or the Tarot, everything is useful. Nothing is too small or too superficial, and with the teachers you will be able to learn how to interpret numbers, colors, images, shapes and draws.


The eagle is part of the totem animals. Shamans use its infinite wisdom to solve difficult situations. Its sharpness of mind helps to stand back; its feathers are used in rituals. The eagle travels in the spiritual realm while staying connected to matter.  It is the animal that symbolizes courage, power and intelligence. The eagle is your guide to figure out your priorities and take action. Yes, with the eagle, you are asked to outdo yourself, to see beyond and higher!  


Even if I am a little voice, I am capable of hearing inaudible and secret sounds. And it seems to me that today what you need more is to learn about the eagle’s power in order to analyze your life and the nature of your problems, rather than discover the interpretations of the colors or triangles of the Empress. See how her hand holds firmly, but delicately, and almost amorously her animal. She makes one with it and with what it represents.

Stepping back from the events that you experience, rising above like the eagle to see the landscape and not just from one point of view, it’s also a way to exercise your sense of observation and your speed of mind. This is how you can keep yourself from acting too hastily or with a critical mind frame. This is how you can also avoid making mistakes caused by inexperience.

So now, imagine this eagle staring straight into your eyes, its unavoidable look, which you seem to completely understand. The nit comes to settle on your head, like a crown, and you can see clearly your current situation, you get instant foresight. My friend Deepak Chopra told me one day:

  • « The past is history, the future is a mystery, the present moment is a gift. That’s why this moment is called ‘present’ »


The Empress and her eagle have taught us a beautiful life lesson, we can thank them for being our allies.  


The two wings and the head of the eagle recall the verticality of the number III on top of the card, an important important. Unfortunately I don’t have time any longer to talk to you about it. But I don’t have to worry, the teachers are standing by…

To take advantage of their teachings, write to us at:


Until the next time I have the pleasure to talk to you again,

The little voice of Tarot

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