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Horóscopo 2014
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(4) Hello my Dear Tarot Friend,

 This is our 4th meeting, and it is the right time to take stock, what do you think? Let’s see what you remember from our discussions and then I will ask you an enigma… 15 minutes of free credit are at stake for the first correct answer!


« With the Mat, I learned to overcome my fears, I was able to dare».

« Yes!!! Surpassing your limits or what you believe to be a boundary … Because there is a difference between believing and knowing. If you know it, it means you too action! Keep going…»

« With the Fool, I start something new and I think carefully about what I need to accomplish my project or achieve my goal»

« Yes amongst other things… You will understand with your teachers that the cards have several meanings depending on their position relative to the others… So there are different levels of reading.

« With the Papess, I try to get to know my own self better, beyond my usual thinking patterns. With the Papess, I elevate myself and grow to better take action »

« Then comes the Empress, you can imagine this card as your Yin side, that is, your feminine side, even if you are a man. We all have this feminine part related to intuition, creativity and openness. And you see, the Emperor, which is the card we are studying today, would be your Yang side, our masculine side, intellectual and active.  These two cards go together; this is the second couple of the Tarot. And look how the Emperor looks towards her, the Empress. The Yang looks to the Yin… What could this mean? My little voice answers to you that these two aspects that make us whole are in harmony; they are united in spirituality, they complement each other. The yang puts to action the ideas of the yin… It works for the intuitive side. Unfortunately, sometimes or often, people don’t listen to their own internal voice…, they only listen to one side of their brain… The Emperor’s brain is perfect; a golden chalice, just like the dome of sacred places, covers and protects his skull. The Emperor succeeded in uniting his body and his mind ».

« If I pick the Emperor, what does it mean for my life? »

« Picking the Emperor? You should know my Friend that with the Tarot, just like in life, the choice of words is important. Choose your words carefully, choose the ones that radiate love and positive thinking. The Emperor knows this, he has been initiated. Do you have a doubt? Well it is from the same family as my friend the Papess… I prove it you with a visual clue: double II = IIII… It was written in Roman numbers by the person who wrote the card here which is : IV… Isn’t Tarot extraordinary, nothing is left to chance! While the Papess masters all signs, the Emperor masters the world of shapes and matter. He uses the build a world of beauty and peace. Once again, all clues on this card lead us on the right path and you could try to draw circles, squares, triangles and lozenges, you could even do it with the ruler he holds in his hand! A ruler is a symbol of law… The Emperor is also a man of power. What is his power and where does it come from? Everything is in front of our eyes, let’s decode together! Perfect geometry along with a cross is revealed… Are we in the age of mathematics invention and of the golden number? The Emperor creates the divine on earth, he has already understood and achieved his own spirituality.  The triangles, symbols of the Trinity, already represented by the Empress (remember, a long time ago, the woman was represented by The Holy Spirit…) whispers to him what he has to do. His position, with his folded leg, shows is that he has been initiated (those who bend their knees are the ones who pray). The Emperor doesn’t need weapons because his Power is within him. As Paolo Coelho would say « warrior of Light »… And now, I am going to whisper the most important to you! I say whisper because everybody is not ready to listen; And the Emperor knows it too, he is a man of love, moderation (his ruler…), he knows when to be silent. When one has as much power as he does, when one rules over the world of shapes, matter, body, money, when one has as much knowledge in all areas, how to resist? »

« Resist what? »

« How to resist power, its abuse, both economic, political or religious! The Emperor is a resistant, he resists the temptations that power gives. This card is full of common sense… Our society should really take it as an example… And as to you my Friend, I whisper to you… Which compulsive purchase, which critic, which addiction, which servitude or words can you resist ? And when you do resist, which new feeling or experience can you welcome and then understand? »

« Is this your puzzle, your question, little voice? »

« Here it is my Friend: The Papess and the Emperor have something in common that appears on both cards? Answer to me on the same email address as the one to register for Tarot lessons »:


I will talk to you very soon my Friend!!!

The little Tarot voice

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