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Horóscopo 2014
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(5) Hello again my dear Tarot friend,

First, congratulations to Rodrigue who has a sharp-eye and found the egg, which is both on the card of the Papess and the Emperor’s. That was the correct answer to receive a free credit of 15 minutes. The egg is the symbol (alchemical or not) of you internal and external growth. Because even if our parents gave us the gift of life, we still have to create our own life; continuing their life or pursuing that of someone else is the trap… So, Tarot is one of the tools to realize that, and without judging, figure out the different powers at play: the power of the consumer, of the dictator, of TV, of the blogger, of the doctor, of the teacher… Becoming a fine observer, like Rodrigue, could be the first step to develop our senses and intelligence, and to take a fresh look at ourselves!!!

Of course, it is not always easy to figure out what we want, to work towards a fulfilling life, to bring light where there was darkness. Sometimes, in spite of our actions and our goodwill, we doubt, we lack the courage or the strength, or we lack proper judgment. We go through times of crisis, questioning and we feel stuck.

In times like these, the number 5 card of Tarot, the Pope, is waiting for you; He will give you enough self-confidence to allow you to spread your wings. Look how the roman number for 5 is written… like the letter V, the simple representation (that we all use in our childhood) to draw a bird, a flying bird. 

Don’t hesitate to ask advice from the Pope, he is the 5th element you are missing… he unites the different levels in you: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual. He points out the latter to you with his hand on his heart chakra. See how he is asking us to go beyond the world of matter, authority and construction (represented by the Emperor), in order to meet the world of others, universal and spiritual. The voice of your heart is the path to follow, so you really need to leave your ego behind. The Pope’s lips are sealed, for he knows silence and is not one to feed the rumors. He knows how to listen without judgment, give advice without any self-interest involved. He embodies the rules of giving: one hand to receive, one hand to give.

He helps you get through each level, like a bridge enables you to get across from one bank to the other. Actually this bridge is represented on the card (right above his crown), in red, uniting the two blue pillars.

If in life, you father did not give you the keys to open doors for yourself, the Pope explains life’s situations to you, gives them the light of his wisdom, and comforts you. This man of faith looks to what comes later, outside the boundaries, in the invisible… What you don’t see yet and that is coming, he knows. A look toward the next arcane: The Lovers.  

The Pope knows that going through the shadow leads to the best. He knows deep inside that you are capable of going through it.  

The symbolism of his number offers you man in his perfection. In some cultures, it represents love and marriage. Besides, 5 is part of man, and if you count your fingers, you won’t contradict me!

The most beautiful message of the Pope for you is that he shows you where you stand: in your heart. You become the Pope when you give yourself permission, without guilt or conflict, with the motivation (from Love and not mental) to do something new, unknown, to connect yourself… to believe in the wildest possibilities, with faith … and actions!

And the message of the Pope is that he announces also your and his weak point: an intelligence that is stopped and limited by what you know and what he knows.  

Be careful not to become too controlling, not to take too much power over Others, their ideas, their words… From one power to the other, we get the apparent contradictions, even and odd… Everything needs to be tuned: That’s the Pope’s mission!!!

Soon, my Tarot friend, you will reach a new level in your personal realization.

I give you again the address to register for lessons:

Talk to you very soon!

The little Tarot voice

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