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Horóscopo 2014
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(6) Hello dear Tarot friend, 
What a pleasure to talk to you again today about Tarot and its interpretation!
The 5th arcane (the Pope) tuned us like a music piece played by several instruments (have you noticed that there are actually 5 lines on a music stave); The Pope opened up for us an altruistic and spiritual dimension of our passage on earth by asking us to trust, even when we are in the dark. This attitude of turning towards the positive aspects with full conviction is necessary and recommended to get to our card study of today: The Lovers!

« What do you see on this card my Friend? »

« Three characters and an angel ready to shoot his arrow ».

« Yes, now turn your attention to the characters’ hands, what is going on? ».

« They touch each other with their hands at different places on their bodies ».

« Bravo! Being touched by someone or by one of their actions can affect us or make us happy. The hand on the shoulders symbolizes the decision to help, to support someone, or not. The hand on the heart can make us reflect on the difficulty to choose… on the dilemma between a choice guided by feelings or by reason. Just like the Tarot shows us with this hand games the responsibility we hold for our decisions and our actions! Isn’t Tarot magical? The hand on the navel can have different meanings. Should I choose just as I want or should I consider others, my family, my friends, my companion? The fear of the consequences that our decisions can have sometimes hurts us in the gut… The card also tell us they will have an impact on our future. »

« Really? And on what Little Voice? »

« Oh! It’s written very subtly… And the initiate that you are will understand very soon. The LOVERS, in the original French meaning: LAMOVREVX… There are two Vs… V + V = X = 10… Which, in Tarot, corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune, the card of our destiny…! Learning to understand the signs and messages that life or experiences offer you, makes it easier to choose because it gives a purpose and reassures your mind which is always afraid of novelty, of the unknown... And the X at the end of the original French word’s spelling AMOVREVX!!! It’s magic! Let’s go on… Look: the hand on the thigh makes us see to what extent we are stuck and progress stops until we make a decision about the direction to take. Besides, all these hands indicate different cardinal points. Tarot is amazing! In one card, it shows us the relation between a physical body and mental body! It makes us understand that the body’s manifestations, the diseases and blockages are the brain’s answer to survive and that we made a direction mistake.  

6 is an odd number, it is not active but receptive, it is time to take a break to welcome the decision in full light and full conscience. The 6th arcane gives us a lot of emotions which are not always easy to manage, doesn’t it? »

« Is that why there is an angel? »

« Yes, we have some help, the angel comes to bring pleasure, warmth, joy and love! You know, this is the key. So today, if you have a choice to make about love or other, if you can, take your time to do it, don’t hurry. Do it without fear or guilt. Our consultants or the lessons will be able to help you. »

« How to know it’s the right choice? »

« The right decision makes you feel like a feather. Goodbye my Friend, be happy with your life choices! »

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Talk to you very soon!

 The little voice of Tarot

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