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Horóscopo 2014
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(7) My Dear Tarot Friend,

« Today we raise the curtain on Card number 7, the Chariot and this number is a very luck one… I don’t know any people who don’t like it!!! Is it because it resonates with the divine creation of the 7 days of the week, with the 7 chakras which are the energy gates in our body, or with the 7 marvels of the world which are the ageless witnesses of passing times ? In three questions, we have already established the meaning of the card: relation with the sacred, vital energy, openness to the world, and this combination confers it a magic aspect. Many spiritual texts, stories, films use it in their narrative.

Even if we don’t really know why, we have made the number 7 into a lucky number often diverted to mercantile ends… All the Myths, traditions, religions or sciences related to it are engraved in our collective or unconscious memory.

But let’s not just remember the numerological aspects of this card, let’s also discover the Chariot! Tell me " what does this card makes you think about? »

« It reminds me of the history books in which I used to study about olympic games, Antiquity, the gladiators and their chariot. I also remember movies about Antiquity, especially (roman, egyptian, greek), like « Ben Hur » that fascinated me. »

« That’s an interesting answer! Because here we indeed are talking about a chariot (it’s written) and not about a cart, which takes away the warrior aspect to make light on others: moving, mutation, traveling, conquest, the body in motion. And we can also see material success. This card also tells us: Full speed ahead; surpass yourself!

You have actually uncovered the artistic facet of this card! The artist is about to bring his message to the world, he enters the universe’s arena with courage, strength, endurance and rich in patience… like Ben Hur! He overcomes his fear because the Gods are on his side, he wears the number 7!!!

I often give this card to my creative friends to incite them to visualize themselves being successful. Judgments, fears, doubts or beliefs keep us from being enterprising and creative, and sometimes we close doors before we even have time to really open them! So this arcane is positive psychology, optimism in picture!!!

Look at the 2 masks, the two horses, the two wheels? What do you think? »

« The heads, the horses and the wheels go in different directions. The wheels are not in sync with the chariot, it’s not logical, and it seems that the horses are standing and siting at the same time. But, I also feel there is agitation, maybe because of the color red at the center. »

« Yes, red is active! You have noticed the tensions on this card. They represent a message. Without minimizing everything else, it tells us about the balance of forces, about confidence, about listening to our body, about our emotions and about their manifestation or expression.

Can an out-of-tune body still lead you on the path of life? And when it gets sick, it certainly forces us to take a step back to understand what is happening to us.  

Impulsive or insecure actions and word can threaten the success of a project.

The Chariot is the image, the representation of our vehicle… Driving and being a good driver has to be learnt, just like our body, which is also a vehicle…

The arcane asks us: How do you lead your life? How well do you relate to your body? As a friend or an enemy? Do you consider your body like a beautiful image or like a marvelous creation to discover in all its possibilities? Honestly, do you take good care of yourself and your heath?

As to the logic… and rather the lack thereof indicated by the wheels’ direction…: Those who know about the number 7 also know that the rider is going to serve a wild cause. Wild doesn’t mean here crazy or mad; no, it means passion, a story of love in which he has absolute and unconditional faith.  

At this point, the Chariot doesn’t need to see to believe, to get any proof, or to hear the voice of reason. He wears a blue crown (which is the color of openness to spirituality) and adorned with red in the area of the third eye chakra, the imagination. The color red shows us how open the path of the Chariot is, it has direction... The Chariot does not just believe… it knows and takes action.

« So if 7 is a lucky charm, there is no negative trait to this card? »

« Don’t forget: the cards are like coins representing your body, head and tail, two inseparable sides just like night and day, light and darkness…  

Car – or chariot -breakdowns … that happens! Having no energy, only counting on image over potential, trying to seduce everyone by fear of commitment, by lack of self-confidence (and in others consequently), because we don’t like ourselves…, rushing in all directions into projects with a huge ego, an excess of will, forgetting to measure the impact on the world and on ourselves. All that is nothing else than a mishandled chariot!

Finally, look at the card’s geometry and layout, its strong energy lines: they form a cross dividing the card in 4 rectangles. A window appears… openness to the world ! A cross is also the meeting point of two axis, vertical and horizontal, male and female.  

The verticality represents someone who is standing back up after having realized the lessons of their fall. The horizontality symbolizes two arms that open to embrace life and welcome the other. What a powerful message! Suffering is transfigured, trials and challenges are understood and lead to more love, that may be the secret of number 7...

May this love and this force of life accompany you today and tomorrow…

And if you wish to deepen your knowledge and study of Tarot, following is the address where you can register for lessons:

Talk to you soon! »

The little voice of Tarot

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