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Horóscopo 2014
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(8) Hello my Dear Tarot Friend, 

« I am happy we meet again to study Arcane #8: Justice!

Like all other cards, Justice is of course rich in lessons, so let’s not focus only on its rigid aspects: the scale that weighs our personal, fundamental and universal laws, and the sword which takes care of the sorting out. »

« But its first role is to make judgments, it commands! »

«Tarot is a subtle tool… Tarot is not about judgments or orders… It gives interpretations and points of view; it sheds light on you and how to improve your destiny.

Here, Justice is number 8: the infinite standing, perfection…
If you draw this card today, do not jump to the conclusion that there is necessarily a relation with morals or authority.  

The look in her eyes is not cold, it is wide open, deep, maternal, all-encompassing and on her crown, even her red Third Eye is also wide open!

Look at her hand holding the scale. What a mysterious hand!... You can see something that looks like a large second thumb haloed in light right in the place of her heart… it reminds me of the representations of Virgin and Child. If Justice dictates rules, they are not those of the Tables of the Law… They are the rules of the heart and of the divine Spirit. That may be the reason why this arcane is perfect and infinitely good. And if she looks at you straight in the eyes, it is to ask whether you do or don’t have this standard of love in all your actions. Standards of love are not standards of productivity, profitability or perfection. »

« If I question the Justice card about my sentimental life, what’s its message? »

« Well it would be to ask you in turn:

Are you clear about you relationship? Objective, but without judging?

Or again: are you accompanied in life by someone whose values are in harmony with yours? Do you do everything you can to meet your soul mate? Are your actions adapted? Do you take enough care of yourself or do you spend your time making yourself feel worthless?  Do you give as much as you receive? Do you give as much value, time and attention to love as you do to your work? Are you getting closer to the perfect and ideal partner or are you in a « Band-Aid » relationship to fill the void of your fear of loneliness, or for some other reason? … »

You see, Justice tries to take stock of your situation because it only wants the best for you, like a mother for her child. In constant evaluation, its scale always works for harmony in the couple and other areas. It does not assess the weight, or the quantity of actions… What Justice looks for is quality!

It measures the gap between your dreams and reality. Once you know the differences, you can act.

Regarding your sentimental life, it stresses that you not cheat with your feelings, or with your other half. Everything is sweetness and curves with Justice as the card’s representation shows. She is welcoming and the scale’s pans are receptive. The Number 8 she bears symbolizes love and friendship according to the Pythagoreans.

You must live your relationship in all its energies, not just the mental ones. It makes you examine your couple: is it cold, intolerant, hurtful with words?

Justice’s goal is to bring about full awareness in you so that you can clean up or rebalance your personal life. Nothing must keep you from living your life and finding Love! So you can understand, my Friend, how divine and virtuous its mission is! In many respects, it is close to the Death (or Mystery) Arcane. »

« Which one is the Death arcane? »

« It is arcane XIII. But there is still some ways before we get to it!!! Until then, you have plenty of time to make Justice come to life to get what you deserve. Open your eyes, do not be afraid! And if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact our consultants.

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Talk to you soon my Friend! 

The little voice of Tarot

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