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Horóscopo 2014
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(9) Hello Dear Tarot Friend,

« Today we are getting to a very beautiful card which is a great support : the Hermit. Yes, the Hermit with an “H”. Now tell me… Do you if there is any purpose for this H? »


« It may have been added! It makes me thing of a ladder. »


« The letter H placed here at the beginning of the word indicates that the character is an initiate of Knowledge. It’s the H of Hermes… It is a silent H… The Hermit is discrete, secretive! He is turned to introspection, so he abstains from the social whirl to guide the world. He has settled himself comfortably in withdrawing inside. He is a great wiseman. He knows and seeks the truth. His H reminds us that he is connected to the Justice card, and that he comes from there… If you observe him carefully, you can find in him a beautiful distinctive characteristic. »


« But he seems older, sad. The arcane brings out a feeling of solitude. »


« Yes, this could be one aspect of the Hermit. Yet, look at his hand and his position… He has turned back to face the other arcanes and raises his lantern to give them light. He is not so lonely now. In his heart, there is a lot of love for people! And his solitude is not a torture, he has chosen it. »


« You said earlier that he offers great support? In what way? »


« The Hermit teaches you patience, he teaches you to renounce to certain things or people in order to move forward on your path. This renunciation, this destitution is enlightened by his lantern, you act in the light, in full conscience. He also teaches depth, to take a step back in each situation and with yourself. He tells you to progress slowly, one step at a time, to respect and follow the rhythm of your body and to « listen » to it in order to stay in good health. He can warn you to take it easy when you are losing or wasting energy…

In addition to being wise, the Hermit is also a healer. You can see how he protects you!

Of course, everything he does or says, his way of life, have nothing to do with the western lifestyle, hectic, overactive, filled with noise , cell phone rings, emails, objects, gadgets, images, solicitations, food... He lives away from all that. His density comes from somewhere else…  And he is going elsewhere! He leads us to the following card: The Wheel of Fortune, and going towards the unknown is no small feat, it requires courage! Yet, he does not look at this Wheel… He only takes us there ; he has to keep to keep the light in the direction of Justice...

The Hermit supports you, encourages you when you become impatient, when the road gets difficult or when you are going through a period of crisis.

His stick… it may be more than just a cane for old age. It looks like an extension of his arm, it is an extension of himself that puts him in direct relation with the telluric forces, which are powerful. This stick also makes me think about a vertical snake.  His raised hand is connected to the divine. This Hermit, is much more solid and powerful than he seems! »


« What is his advice today? »


« Do not be afraid of the Hermit. Excel your intellectual knowledge, and you will turn your life into paradise. Jean-Yves Leloup, another wise man said: having an intelligence that is not stuck by what it already knows. Say goodbye to nostalgia and move forth toward change. Say goodbye to all the people who no longer bring you joy. »

If you need support, if you still have questions don’t hesitate to call out on our consultants. They have a lot of experience in dealing with the sufferings we all deal with.

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Talk to you soon my Friend!

The Little Tarot Voice

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