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Horóscopo 2014
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(10) Hello again Dear Tarot Friend:

« After studying the Hermit who was preparing you for the end of a cycle, we are reunited today to examine what is probably one of the most enigmatic Tarot cards: the Arcane X... an X as a signature, the graphics of the unknown variable! Say hello to the Wheel of Fortune my Tarot Friend, happy to meet you again for this card of destiny! It opens up a new path, a chapter of our life is closed, the second cycle is shaping up and it is obvious! What do you think my Friend? »


« Yes, it is different from the other cards of the deck, there are no human figures, only strange animals. I think it’s almost scary... »


« With the Wheel of Fortune, we change field, environment, reference, everything moves here on water! Transition waters to reach the opposite bank. Matrix waters to play a different role. The waters of life to find happiness. Here we are now, embarked on a strange platform, asking ourselves how we will manoeuver this piece of machinery. Yes, it’s a bit like that the Wheel of Fortune: this part of mystery to discover, maybe the subconscious in ourselves. It is the unknown yet to be lived. The best is still to ride the wave if we don’t want to throw a wrench in our… wheels!!! Let’s accept the changes and the temporary, even the most disturbing. Let’s try and find the message, the gift that is granted to us, in order to determine the positive aspect that will help us grow.

What to expect from this card outside the wheel for which you may have checked 5 numbers and the lucky one too?  That it turns in your favor!

Well you see my friend, this image of a moving wheel or... a blocked one, we could take advantage of it and ask ourselves what has stopped “turning” or what is “turning” too fast in us? Let’s take our time, let’s find our pace. Let’s also look for what keeps repeating, because we are not here to suffer our fate or our own history.  The wheel is a transformation tool, the water in movement becomes energy...

What make your own internal engine run? This wheel can send us back to the 7 energetic wheels of our body. If one of them is unbalanced, our health is threatened. This arcane relates to our vitality, to what gives is energy. Do we know that? And are we aware of what empties us and tires us ? Here, at Number X, let’s ask ourselves the right questions in order to get out of dead-ends...

Look at the top of the card, a sort of Sphinx evokes the myth that question man in his three bodies, in his three dimensions: physical, emotional, spiritual. Who are we, where do we go, where do we come from? Three questions, like these three animals on the card, to make us progress, to activate the wheel of destiny...

The number X gives us the assurance of our unity, that we have grown enough to assume the changes, the deep questions that will lead us on the other side of the mountain.

Something is over, something else begins… Do you believe in yourself my Tarot Friend? »


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Talk to you soon my Friend! »

The Little Voice of Tarot

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